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Easy Focaccia Bread (Focaccia No Knead)
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Easy Focaccia Bread (Focaccia No Knead)

Are you looking for a recipe for focaccia that requires minimum effort for maximum satisfaction? Then you are in the right place. This no-knead focaccia requires max. 10 min of work: just mix the ingredients, leave the dough in a fridge and wait for the magic to happen.

Stay At Home - My Life (And Food) Under Quarantine
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Stay At Home – My Life (And Food) Under Quarantine

  It has been a long time since I posted anything either on my blog or social media. And it is not that I have been lazy or lacking creativity. (I have had a few articles and recipes ready for publishing). The truth is I didn’t want to post them […]

Why To Be Vegan- Reflections After My Veganuary
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Why To Be Vegan?- Reflections After My Veganuary

January is long gone, and my Veganuary is completed too. But is it really over? Am I going to simply get back to my pre-Veganuary habits, food, and soon forget about the last four weeks? The answer is NO. While for now, I will for sure not remain a 100% […]