An image of Vegan Heavy Cream Substitutes: coconut cream on a spoon and in a can standing on a wooden surfice. There is also a white orchid next to it.

(Not Only) Vegan Heavy Cream Substitutes

  Heavy cream is the fatty, top part of the fresh milk that consists of 36-40% fat. Due to its rich taste and velvety texture, it is used in a variety of recipes. Can you even imagine Carbonara sauce without cream or fresh strawberries without whipped cream to name just […]

An image of bad and good fats: Olive oil in a bottle, and butter and coconut oil on little plates. There are flower pots with plants in the background.
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Are There Actually Any Good Fats?

  Good Fats – Do They Exist?   The scapegoat of the food world is fats. Nobody seems to believe that good fats exist. Now, shelves are full of foods that boast that they are low fat or non-fat. However, if something is non-fat, to enhance the taste, it will be full of […]

Is it possible to lose weight eating nuts? An image of almonds in a white bowl
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Is It Possible To Lose Weight Eating Nuts?

By now, probably everyone knows that nuts have multiple health benefits. They contain large quantities of protein, and the healthy fats in them can have positive impacts on the brain. For example, walnuts are considered to be an excellent source of omega-3 fats. However, these healthy fats (and their calories) […]

New Year Resolutions - how to set goals and stick to them for life. An image of different types of colorful fruit.

New Year’s Resolutions – How To Set Goals [and stick to them for life]?

  New Year Resolutions – Why Can’t We Realise Them? We all know people who every year make New Year’s Resolutions. Possibly, some of them every year make the same new year resolutions. We even may belong to that group. Why can we never reach these goals?  The answer to […]