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An image of Vegan Heavy Cream Substitutes: coconut cream on a spoon and in a can standing on a wooden surfice. There is also a white orchid next to it.

(Not Only) Vegan Heavy Cream Substitutes

  Heavy cream is the fatty, top part of the fresh milk that consists of 36-40% fat. Due to its rich taste and velvety texture, it is used in a variety of recipes. Can you even imagine Carbonara sauce without cream or fresh strawberries without whipped cream to name just […]

An image of Double Chocolate Tart with Chocolate Fudge and Gluten Free Crust set on a blue plate. In the background there are bushes with blue and purple blooms.
Cakes, Gluten Free, Vegan

Double Chocolate Tart With Chocolate Fudge And Gluten Free Crust

If I wanted to give the key characteristics of this cake, I have to say it is gluten free, dairy free, vegan and delicious. I also have to add it is made with healthy ingredients and it will satisfy all chocoholics. Interested? 🙂

A picture taken from above of a pink calendar, a photobook with holiday pictures and a cream and pink flower arrangement.

Would You Like Your Holiday Pictures To Be Presented In A Beautiful Way?

  Why did I Stop Rushing to Develop my Holiday Pictures? In days of yore (and traditional photography) whenever I finished a photographic film, I rushed to have it developed. I just couldn’t wait to see those holiday pictures! Nowadays I am unfortunately pretty bad about developing my digital images. […]