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Why To Be Vegan?- Reflections After My Veganuary

January is long gone, and my Veganuary is completed too. But is it really over? Am I going to simply…

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Veganuary – Trying To Be Vegan For A Month

Trying to Be Vegan in January January is the first month of the year but for loads of people also…

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Poppyseed Cake With Milk Chocolate Icing

Even if you are not a big fan of poppyseed, I bet you will like this cake. It is moist…

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Meringue Cookies with Almonds and Dried Fruit

This recipe is especially useful when you have some spare egg whites. It will provide you with perfect meringue cookies…

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Linzer Torte – Austrian Classic Cake

This Austrian classic is probably the oldest known cake in the world, but you can easily make it at home.…

Agnieszka Weiner

Hi, I am Agnieszka, and I am passionate about delicious but healthy food. Many healthy dishes are bland and uninteresting. I reject this. So I created my blog Tastes of Health to share my yummy recipes for healthier (often plant-based and gluten-free) versions of family favourites. I look forward to receiving your feedback after you try them.

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