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A picture taken from above of a pink calendar, a photobook with holiday pictures and a cream and pink flower arrangement.

Would You Like Your Holiday Pictures To Be Presented In A Beautiful Way?

  Why did I Stop Rushing to Develop my Holiday Pictures? In days of yore (and traditional photography) whenever I finished a photographic film, I rushed to have it developed. I just couldn’t wait to see those holiday pictures! Nowadays I am unfortunately pretty bad about developing my digital images. […]

7 Unhealthy Foods that Taste Incredible
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7 Unhealthy Foods That Taste Incredible

One of our biggest indulgences as humans is our culinary choices. We can barely regulate our cravings for a delicacy we love. One of the reasons why it’s difficult to avoid these types of food is because their taste is almost irresistible. So, our brains have been trained to anticipate […]