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Why To Be Vegan- Reflections After My Veganuary
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Why To Be Vegan?- Reflections After My Veganuary

January is long gone, and my Veganuary is completed too. But is it really over? Am I going to simply get back to my pre-Veganuary habits, food, and soon forget about the last four weeks? The answer is NO. While for now, I will for sure not remain a 100% […]

Veganuary - Trying To Be Vegan For A Month
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Veganuary – Trying To Be Vegan For A Month

Trying to Be Vegan in January January is the first month of the year but for loads of people also the beginning of the โ€œnew year, new meโ€ approach. This is probably why the group behind promoting being vegan chose this specific month to encourage others to go on an […]

An image of Double Chocolate Tart with Chocolate Fudge and Gluten Free Crust set on a blue plate. In the background there are bushes with blue and purple blooms.
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Double Chocolate Tart With Chocolate Fudge And Gluten Free Crust

If I wanted to give the key characteristics of this cake, I have to say it is gluten free, dairy free, vegan and delicious. I also have to add it is made with healthy ingredients and it will satisfy all chocoholics. Interested? ๐Ÿ™‚